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Mayuu me fill you in on the latest developments ha! As mentioned before, it's all a bit stressful right now for Cucu and me with important other jobs and Deadlines, but it's all coming Mayu X1 Animation Test quite okay nonetheless. I will renew it one of these days, but that means I could either do some more animations as long as it's valid - which will slow the coding down again - or I "waste" quite a few bucks for Miss Fortunes Booty Trap an hour or two of actual usage Pretty dumb, I admit I fucked it up xD So let's bleach sex game waste time here I came up Mayu X1 Animation Test a system to actually make Date Mode Mayu X1 Animation Test bit challenging without setting a hard limit for turns you can make or making it all too random and punishing.

You will now pay a slowly increasing amount of affection for each turn you make, while each event you already triggered is replaced with the "Wheel of MISfortune", that gives increasing penalties with each turn. That way you have free erotic game keep moving towards the end of the board, but you're still able - with the right amount of tactical finesse - to take the occasional step s Tst in order to pick up a few May affection points.

These mechanics are already implemented, if only in basic, non-visual forms, i. I think we're on the right tracks! You can see all of it here: Note that the small dots mark positions without any events for nowwhile the bigger dot to the left is something that hasn't got it's own icon yet.

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For a little bit of insight, the values on the top are: In this case, the next turn would cost 10 affection. A full affection bar could be like Mayu X1 Animation Test for example, but TTest numbers are all temporary and will be properly balanced in the process Animatiion, I think that's enough for now, gotta get some actual work done D: Hope you enjoyed the update! Apr 3, Stats Ignoring. Hope everyone is having a happy easter!

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If not, hopefully this will help a bit. Why is the bunny crying? Is she allergic to carrots? Jun 28, Parrots: Any proper weeb knows Japanese women cry during sex.

Animation Mayu Test X1

Apr 5, Stats Ignoring. Progress Update Free hentai sex Another month, another progress update! Here's what we did in March: Guess which hole she uses this time Cucu also finished the special cumshot version of it.

I accidentally overlooked that there was still a sticker left to do when I promised to send out Baby's HQ Artwork packs to the best 3d adult game tiers, so I did so anyway.

Still, we will be evaluating if we will tweak the physics a little bit further to make it all feel a tad more direct. Gamecore sex games wasn't very good at the demo never am at these thingsbut I still enjoyed it a lot. Although, if your aim is to have the game playable with a single button, I'm not sure how you'd implement it. Anyway, despite it being a little short, this demo gets both thumbs up from me, and Mayu X1 Animation Test look forward to seeing the game in future I will need some practice though.

Thanks for the feedback, rotor, we're happy to hear you enjoyed it! About the ability, that's actually close to an idea we had. Maybe we will at some point introduce one or multiple abilities that can be activated by a double click or something.

Mayu X1 Animation Test and everyone else: I did some tweaking and uploaded Mayu X1 Animation Test version with some alternate control settings. The ball now reacts faster and stronger, which leaves more time to react, but makes it a little bit harder to control the momentum in exchange.

Feel free to take a look at it and tell me which Version you like better: Implemented the new controls to the live version now. Difficult game but great artwork!

Test Animation Mayu X1

Didn't get past the first Mayu X1 Animation Test. The first stage is designed to be easy and that worked out pretty well, it's the second stage that many people had trouble Mayu X1 Animation Test.

However, as mentioned above, the performance can in some cases have Mayu X1 Animation Test influences on the precision of the controls.

Trying a Mayu X1 Animation Test browser can often help. Hm, I'm sorry you feel that way. As for your first thought, you can watch the animations all you want after clearing a stage without any multitasking. The gameplay will be expanded step by step with new elements later on.

Maybe our Date Mode in development will suit you better. Peachaboo and Apocolips18 like this. Taking feedback seriously is nothing you need to thank us for, it should be normal, especially if the feedback is constructive like yours.

The monthly progress summary! Only that it's three months this time We haven't done one of these in the last two months because we had our first public release mid-December and I spent lots of time bug fixing, optimizing and answering questions all around the internet. We've seen a huge increase in support which still leaves us speechless and brings us so much closer to our goal of being cell phone porn games to work on Sexy Exile full-time!

Now that it has become a little bit quieter again, we've started to advance the development of Date Mode, but more on that below. I will try to keep it shorter than normal because it's so much stuff Art Updates: Both are included best adventure porn games our public demo.

While that is annoying but not that big of a deal, we also had to remove the Create-A-Girl Raffles. Because the first Participant got in as a guaranteed reward, we will finish what we started of course. It will take a while, so we wouldn't have had a raffle anytime soon anyways. Next Goals Mayu X1 Animation Test The Majority of art for Baby is done and we will send out the high res downloads to qualifying patrons as soon as the rest is finished, too.

As mentioned above, Cucu has begun to write some dialogue and texts for the date events and I will soon be able to begin implementing them. That's it for today. Shame on me for missing the demo release for almost two months! Been looking forward to playing the game for sometime now! A bit of feedback: While the gameplay is rather simple, it offers a modicum of challenge. Which is highly appreciated.

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Animation Mayu Test X1

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Animation Test X1 Mayu

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Test Mayu X1 Animation

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